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Aug. 23rd, 2012


[sticky post] Index of all the stories


To Sagaluthien's Story journal.

I hope that you will find some stories you like and get a few nice hours of reading.
Like all authors it is great to hear what you think so please feel free to leave a comment or two for me.
I love to write and made up stories, have always done it and I haven't let it stop me that I write in a second language. Most of the stories here is in English and shall have been betad if not stated other. It still can be some 'error' in the stories.


Feb. 26th, 2014

supernatural fic

Girl Of Scent 1/1

Girl Of Scent

Title: Girl of Scent
Author: sagaluthien
Fandom, characters: Original/Supernatural, OMC, Sam Winchester
Rating, Warning: PG-13, Takes place in my girl!Sam 'verse (Lost brother), sex change
Masterpost: For girl!sam
Word count: 729
Beta: haldoor
Challenge: Weekly Challenge - Give me a title – 1_million_words, pick a number between 1-15 and get the title to your story
Author's note: I hosted this challenge and let the others give me a number instead of me just taking the one I really wanted. First up is No. 3 - Girl of Scent. I wrote it in Swedish first and then translated it, so there can be things that is changed or added between the two versions.
I left the OMC un-named, as when I wrote it I sort of didn't have anyone special in mind.

Summary:  A fragrance that appeals.As he sat there, something disturbed his already shallow concentration.Collapse )

Feb. 25th, 2014


The Silent Illusion 1/1

The Silent illusion

Title: The Silent Illusion
Author: sagaluthien
Fandom, characters: Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes/John Watson
Rating, Warning: PG-13, No special
Word count: 208
Beta: sharpiesgal
Challenge: Weekly Challenge - Give me a title – [Bad username: one_million_words], pick a number between 1-15 and get the title to your story
Author's Note: In the challenge I hosted I asked the others to give me a number. The second I was given is No. 2 - The Silent Illusion.
This is one of my first attempts to write the British detective. When I wrote this I had Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's creations in mind, because I'm watching/following the TV-series (BBC, 2010-)
When I began to write this I had thought to get it longer, but suddenly the words went missing.

Summary: There were things that Sherlock always seemed to be able to see and John still had not a clue about.
ElemantaryCollapse )

Just Kiss Already 1/1

Just Kiss Already

Title: Just Kiss Already
Author: sagaluthien
Fandom, character: The Vampire Diaries, Klaus Mikaelson/Caroline Forbes
Prompt: Just Kiss Already
Warning: Maybe not exactly NC-17
Word count: 348
Beta: haldoor
Authors note: This is for the fourthnight challenge – Just Kiss Already. In my story journal it will be posted as one part of several, but probably with different fandom's, characters and prompts
Additional note: Watching a season in a few days can screw you head so…. I've only seen the 4 first seasons so far, it is what it is, and this sort of takes place in the last season I saw.

Summary: A certain blond messes with the oldest head.
It was he who ruledCollapse )

0 or o 1/1

0 or o

Title: 0 or o
Chapter/part: 1/1
Series/Sequel: None as of yet.
Author: Saga “sagaluthien” Pettersson
Fandom, Characters: I have yet to decided which one so until then it will be he and he.
Rating, Warnings: PG-13,
Beta: thtwzjustadream
Word counts: 327
Disclaimer: All I can claim as mine is the way I’ve written the story (the idea I had) and the people who aren't well-known (stars, actors, actresses, or characters). I have written it only for my own amusement and fun. For me it is one way to exercise my English and to see if I'm good at all at getting things together. This isn't done to try to make any money off of it.
Author’s note: This is for the 1_million_words challenge Numbers challenge
So far I have not named fandom or character, so you can imagine who ever you want.

Summary: A single number or letter can make anyone confused.

In his mind, he jumped up and down in frustration.Collapse )

Feb. 24th, 2014


Like A Mirage 1/1

Like A Mirage

Title: Like A Mirage
Series/sequel: -
Author: sagaluthien
Fandom, characters: POTC/Twilight, Captain Jack Sparrow, Esme Cullen
Rating, warnings: PG-13, Crossover, Au
Word count: 706
Beta: haldoor
A/N: Written for 1_million_words weekend challenge/2014, and the crossover month, also for the A to Z challenge, Letter F, and 52_challenge # 53 Writer's Choice

Summary: Someone is out of his ordinary waters

He was dressed like he role playingCollapse )

Feb. 1st, 2014

supernatural fic

Smell Of Strawberries 1/1

Smell Of Strawberries

Title: Smell Of Strawberries
Fandom: SPN,
Pairing: Sam/Dean,
Rating and Warning: PG-13, blind!Sam
Written for snarky_kat at the comment_fic on the theme Desserts and the prompt "why do you smell like strawberries?". Link.
Beta: A friend
Author's Note: Are set in When things turn out differently (a story to be posted when this is)

Summary: Just because he no longer can see does not say he notice things

Why do you smell like strawberries?Collapse )
supernatural fic

A Break 1/1

A Break

Title: A Break
Author: sagaluthien
Fandom: SPN/Smallville
Pairing: Sam Winchester/Chloe Sullivan
Warning, rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters/people, I just borrowed them for a little while. I have not written it to earn any money, I did it to exercise the English language when it is a second one for me.
Wish: Smallville/Supernatural, Chloe/Sam, pool, by flareonfury
Beta: Soar
Author's Note: Take place between Season 3 and 4 of Supernatural.

Summary: Sam had not stopped his hunting, and for once he decided he worth to think on something else

Read more...Collapse )
real people spn

One End, New Beginning 1/?

One End, New Beginning

TITLE: One End, New Beginning 1/?

AUTHOR: sagaluthien
FANDOM/PAIRING: RP, Jared Padalecki/Jensen Ackles
RATING, WARNING: NC-17, disability:deaf
BETA: A Friend
NOTES: Most info and disclaimer see the masterpost.

SUMMARY: They was finished with filming Supernatural and it was meant to end happy, but things wasn't on their side.

He was about to leave to his trailer to take up his bag when someone touched him in the back.Collapse )
real people spn

One End, New Beginning - Masterpost

One End, New Beginning


This story is began after I took one of the tables for 12_stories challenge. Only that this I would not be able to use at the community when I chose to use Real People. When I started I just needed something and I did plan to write 12 stories with the paring I decided to use – Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki.

How long each story or if they would be one or more chapters I don't know. I'm not sure if these 12 stories I planned will be in the same universe or not. What it get has the future to show. Also when it get completed

Title: One End, New Beginning ?/?
Author: sagaluthien
Fandom, Character: RP, Jensen Ackles/Jared Padalecki
Rating and warning: NC-17, disability;deaf
Beta: A friend

Word Count: Will be added when complete (Ch 1 – 516, ch 2 – 683, ch 3 - )
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters, just borrowed them for exercise and for inspiration.
Author's Note: This story was begun as a birthday gift for an ex friend anyothergirl415, but I hate to threw away works I done so even if things went bad I decided to finish this (one day)

Table/prompt: See table in the end #8 Leaving
Status: Work in progress

Summary: They were finished with filming Supernatural and it was meant to end happy, but things weren't on their side.

Chapters: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

08. Leaving.
01. Anger.
12. Loss.
10. Duty.
07. Assignment.
09. Caring.
02. Choices.
05. Desire.
04. Thought.
03. Answers.
06. Travel.
11. People.

They isn't in right order because I put them in the one I have planned to write the stories.

Dec. 31st, 2013


Fate For The Panther 1/?

Fate For The Panther

Title: Fate For The Panther
Chapter/part: 1/?
Fandom, characters: Real People & Dark-Hunters, Orlando Bloom, Elijah Wood, Sean Bean, Daniel Craig
Universe, Sequel: Take place in the one started from this bookflip created for orlijah_month
Author: Saga “sagaluthien” Pettersson
Rating, warning: PG-13, AU, shape shifters, were-hunters (were panther, were dragon)
Beta: A friend
Disclaimer and other info: See  – Masterlist of Dark-Hunter or the Masterpost for the story verse.
The story was inspired from this entry, and I know I did went away from the prompt in itself.
Author’s note: All of my Dark-Hunter stories is inspired by Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter books and then set in the world of her, not necessary with her characters. At times it can be a help to have read her books.
Author’s note2: When were-hunters can time travel this story takes part back in 1830, long before Orlando end up at Sanctuary in New Orleans.
Author's note3: This story was also inspired from the first prompt of orlijah_month 2012. The idea came easy, but took little longer to get together.

Vocabulary; See the end of the entry

Summary: You never know what the fates have in store, neither over how people decide to do. Maybe things would have turned out differently for both were-hunters if Elijah and Orlando had been able to learn to know each other during the 19th century.

It wasn't the pub he was interested in, even if the warmth behind the doors was tempting.Collapse )

Fate For The Panther - Masterpost

This will be updated shortly

First chapter posted
supernatural fic

When Things Turned Out Differently - Masterpost

When Things Turned Out Differently
Blind!Sam ’Verse

This ‘verse in SPN started when I replied on a wish at comment_fic, where the wish was the following; "Life in the dark"., on the theme Dark.

I felt like I wanted to change the end of Season 3 Episode 15 – Time Is On My Side - So this is what I did. It grew from a short comment to a long story. I named it When Things Turned Out Differently.

It also ended up including a few more comment-fic and snap-shots. See the info below if you want to see the order of how they take place. There will probably be added more.

Many of my stories seem to end up with short sequels, ficlets, and snap-shots. They can be quite good to use in some challenges. In this one, several of the snap-shots come from 2010 SPN 30 snap-shot Nano challenge and following years.

Here is the general info and disclaimer for the Story and series;
Author: sagas_stories – Saga Chriztine, sagaluthien Also as missnegreenwood
Beta: Erfan Starled (main story),
Rating: R to NC-17
Fandom: SPN
Characters: Sam Winchester & Dean Winchester
Warnings: Disability- Blind, au
Chapter/Part, Series/Sequel: See further down
Disclaimer: I don’t know them or own them. I have done it for my own amusement and not to make any money from it.
Feedback: Who wouldn’t want some?
Feedback Address: or please comment after any story/chapter.
Archive: sagas_stories. Please ask first.
Website: None so far,
Authors note: I intend no disrespect to anyone unsighted. In the real world I meet them and we are all worth as much as each other. If you are thinking of leaving a nasty comment, please think twice so you not hurt me or any of my friends. I do like constructive feedback, so those are very welcome.

Summary: Dean arrives too late and he had to bring a damaged Sam to the hospital. He learns there is nothing the doctors can do to save Sam's eyes.

Link to the first one as a comment fic

Reading story order:
Main story; When Things Turn Out Differently Still under working and Yet to be posted

Snap-shot, comment-fic, ficlets: (all that is posted at the spn 30 snapshot community is unbetad, and will be named original post when the betad version is posted)
1. New Dependence Post to Spn 30 snapshot community
2. Losing One, Heighten The Other. At Spn 30 snap-shot community
3. A Way To Stay Alone. At Spn 30 snap-shot community
4. A Bad Day Post to Spn 30 snapshot community
5. Give Me Your Word Post to Spn 30 snapshot community
6. A Carefree Moment Post to Spn 30 snapshot community
7. Dry Boil Post to Spn 30 snapshot community
8. It’s Time Post to Spn 30 snapshot community
9. Learning To Get Through The Daylife Post to Spn 30 snapshot community
10. Reflection Post to Spn 30 snapshot community
11. ‘Need’
12. Smell Of Strawberries comment fic posted 1/2-14

Birthday Collection Ficlets 5

Birthday Collection Ficlets
Fandom: Real People
Characters: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe
Rating: PG-13
Warning: -
Word Count: 162
Beta: sharpiesgal
A/N: First written for haldoor, 2013. This is also for 52 prompts challenge with the prompt A glass of wine
Masterpost: Here, also links to other ficlets in the collection
Mine or yours?Collapse )

Dec. 30th, 2013


Birthday Collection Ficlets 3

Birthday Collection Ficlets
Fandom: Real people
Characters: Orlando Bloom, Karl Urban
Rating: PG-13
Warning: none
Word Count: 243
Beta: sharpiesgal
A/N: Was written for haldoor 2013
Masterpost: Here, also links to other ficlets in the collection
Read more...Collapse )

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